Optimizing UC Practices’ Marketing Responses
Conversion to Patient Visits and Patient Retention

UCPM offers individual marketing platforms for Urgent Care, each of which will be implemented and successfully managed for exceptional ROI. Our Systemic Marketing allows for these customized programs to be integrated dynamically and optimize your practice culture for exceptional and continued ROI.

Positioning your practice to be promoted effectively through the congruency of our various platforms provides the opportunity for success. Our goal is to assist your staff and provide the tools that result in increasing initial patient visits and expanding patient retention.

Associated Services for
Optimal Systemic Marketing

UCPM offers complete marketing services for the core programs that are impactful for all new and existing Urgent Care practices. Your individual ongoing campaigns will produce much higher profitability and ROI when integrated seamlessly with our ancillary services designed to enable our unique Systemic Marketing system. We welcome incorporating components of our system, when appropriate, into any vendors that you are committed to currently.

Comprehensive Design &
Management for All Campaigns

We custom design all printed mailers and in-practice materials along with marketing messaging and emails for online campaigns. Congruent marketing is a significant factor in achieving effective branding for any practice. Cohesive management for the full spectrum of your marketing programs from inception through to positive and measurable ROI is essential for optimal results.

Staff Training for
Response Tracking & Advancement

Systemic Marketing provides for incentivized staff engagement by ensuring all practice personnel are given the tools to enable best possible results of each campaign. Any staff member interacting with marketing campaign prospect responses needs to be informed on how to best field those opportunities and transact these into patient visits and ultimately patient revisitation. We provide the basic staff training and materials to allow for extended ROI for each campaign.

Relationship Management for
Your Larger Business Clients

UCPM will assist in and/or independently provide comprehensive Customer Relationship Management for your high profile business clients. Local businesses with a larger number of employees provide tremendous opportunities for expanding patient visitation and long term retention.

Urgent Care treatment and service advantages for their employee health care needs should be continually promoted and effectively highlighted within your local business community.

Specific programs, such as Medical Membership and relevant services, such as Occ-Med that offer solutions to their health care requirements can be marketed directly to local businesses. Our sustained CRM protocols will ensure you recognize more than your share of their continued patronage.