Search Engine Marketing

Dynamic Google AdWords Service for Urgent Care
Empower Campaigns and Your Online Presence

UC ProMark, provides a comprehensive and high performing ROI Google AdWords platform for Urgent Care. New practices need to rapidly build their online presence and drive patient visitation ASAP. Existing practices need to ensure individual campaigns or specific demographics are strategically promoted for maximizing marketing ROI.

Marketing Process & Components

•Urgent Care Customized Strategizing: Historical UC online marketing data, competitor analysis, and individual location staff consultation and research are all integrated into pre-launch set-up and campaign design.
•Launch & Enhancement: We initiate paced campaigning designed to enable initial analytics to provide measurements for best possible use of ad spending and integration with other marketing platforms.
•Ads & Landing Pages Design: UCPM designs all ads, individual campaign landing/response pages, banner & display ads (mostly for retargeting). We never rely on driving traffic to a website.
• Measurements, Tracking and Reporting: A major component of UCPM's service is the continued management expertise. It always benefits our clients to provide measurement goals, track efforts andresults and provide regular reporting with clarity and transparency, in non-tech language.
• Retargeting: Any responsive lead that does not result in a secured patient visit relationship systematically retargeted with unique ads customized for each campaign dynamic.
• Integration with Other Marketing Platforms: A key element in successful campaigning and robust ROI can certainly lie in the seamless integration with your SMM (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as Patient Interaction, B2B Outreach, Direct Mail and other promotional marketing. UCPM is experienced in working well with other vendors and also provides our own professional Urgent Care marketing platforms, including all noted here for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Earning Your Urgent Care Continued Higher Rankings
Successfully Competing with Local Competition

Local SEO to ensure consistent high rankings for Urgent Care locations is a very competitive market. UCPM will initiate a comprehensive evaluation of your current status and strategize a customized SEO process for your UC location. We will provide a detailed reporting to you, providing measurements and analytics illustrating how we will perform for you.

We offer seamless integration with our associated enhancement services such as SEM, Website Design/Mgmt. and Podium. These are examples of how UCPM will ensure initial and continued online marketing success for you.

UCPM Proven Process
SEO for Urgent Care

• Initial Evaluation Keys

• Keywords

• Website Effectiveness

• Ranking & Benchmarks

• Competition Strengths/Weakness

• Back-Links Strength

• Report & Strategize

• & Much more

• Proactive Optimizing

• On-Page Optimization

• Writing & Enhancing Content

• Off-Page Optimization

• Quality Back-Link Provision

• Toxic Back-Link Removal

• Maximize Likes & Shares

• Weekly/Monthly Clear Reporting

• & Much more

Sustained and successful SEO can only be
accomplished with expert Website Design,
Development & Optimization

Website Design
and Development

Original or Redesign Impact for Online Presence Ongoing Optimization for Driving Traffic to Your Site

Our stylish website designs are visually pleasing, present your services effectively and elevate your Urgent Care practice beyond your competition. Continued development and optimization of your website, leads directly to powerful successes in related online marketing platforms.

UCPM's team provides a full spectrum of website services, including professional design, custom development, ecommerce solutions, direct site hosting, promotion, support and maintenance, other services and integration with our SEO and SEM services.

UCPM Website Services

• Start-Up Urgent Care full design

• Comprehensive redesign of existing sites

• Optimization of existing sites to facilitate effective SEO, SEM

• Direct input on design/features via our Urgent Care marketing expertise

• Collaboration with existing vendors for our clients’ benefit, always!

• Seamless integration with other UCPM's marketing platforms