LinkedIn Direct Outreach

Impactful Professional to Professional Connection
Engaging Local Businesses, Organizations & Schools

UCPM unique LinkedIn marketing platform delivers your messaging to exactly who, and how you need it to be. Our analytical driven database selects only those local business owners, decision makers and human resource administrators that determine where their staff and employees look to for the best possible health care providers.

We reach them by "knocking on their door" through their LinkedIn profiles. We engage them in the professional manner that they (or you) would welcome and respect.

Our platform places your practice in the position to educate and inform - always to their advantage, and to cultivate the long-term relationships you need to result in their employees becoming your patients.

Marketing Process & Components

• Profile Design/Enhancement: We ensure the personal profile to be platformed for outreach is launched or revised to enable best possible results. Enhancement option protocols available through LinkedIn are added for optimum performance.

• Digital Handshake: UCPM designs all marketing messages and touches for each campaign so as to incentivize prospects to accept your request for interaction.

• Response Platforms: Dependent on the offer/proposal of the campaign and the type of business response, we will offer for response submissions via phone, email and online landing pages/micro sites - all custom designed in-house for you.

• Fielding & Securing Responses: UCPM will facilitate all responses for advancing to phone conferencing (with qualified practice representation), sending of presented offers or materials, and/or further engagement by practice staff. We offer strategic training and tracking materials/protocols for your staff as part of our service.

• Retargeting: Any response lead that does not result in a secured relationship with businesses and/or patient visitations will be systematically retargeted and tracked through non-invasion marketing efforts.

Business Relationship Development
UCPM Provides for You.

Consult & Strategize with Each Campaign

Custom Messaging Content & Graphic Design

Continued Retargeting to All Non-Secured Prospects

Online & Phone Response Management

Business Contact Management & Relationship Building

Typical Urgent Care B2B
LinkedIn Marketing

• Occ-Med Services

• Medical Membership Programs

• Work-Related Physical Exams

• On-the-Job Injuries

• School & Sports Physicals

•School Immunizations

On behalf of your practice,
direct to local business contacts

Business Relationship Management (BRM)

UCPM Off-Site B2B TeleMarketing Program
Professional CRM for Your Premium Business Clients

Once your practice has established contact local businesses that employ 10, 25, 50 or 100 or more, the development, maintenance and enhancement of these relationships can lead directly to significant and sustainable increased patient visit load and profitability. UCPM’s management has decades of experience in BRM, - relationship development and demonstrable profitability.

Our outsourced professional domestic B2B telemarketing is designed to cater to exactly what Urgent Care practices need to extend and enhance your local business relationships. Regardless if your premier B2B client’s relations begin through Occ-Med Services, Workers Comp Exams and Treatments, Medical Memberships or Business Required Physical Exams, UCPM’s BRM outreach and protocols ensure robust and continued patient visitation and maximizing profitability through business relations ROI.

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Direct Mail Campaings
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